How to Get Sponsorship for a Podcast?

Whether you started podcasting just for a time pass or for sharing information, it will be nothing until you make money out of it. Monetizing a podcast is something that keeps you going further. Staying consistent and constant is of utmost importance in the podcasting field. For that, getting sponsorships for your podcast is of utmost significance.

Now, there can be numerous ways through which you can get sponsorship for your podcast. It determines your podcasts’ worth and helps in advertising it too.

How does Podcast Sponsorship work?

You cannot monetize your podcast as a beginner. First of all, you need to strengthen your business, podcasts’ content and grow an audience. Once you are done with that, you can go further to look for sponsors for your podcast.

The main goal of podcast sponsors is usually to spread the word about their brand or business. If your podcast successfully does that, you can earn a really good amount of money as well as more sponsors too.

How Much to Charge for Podcast Sponsorship?

Sponsors usually pay depending upon the number of downloads. But you can decide your own Podcast Sponsorship Rates with your sponsors according to your and his’ ease. You can choose to get paid depending upon the number of people listening to your podcast. Or if your sponsor is willing to pay only upon a sale or a visit to his website, you can go for that too.

In the beginning, you would have to keep your rates a bit low. Not lower than the market prices, of course, but just a bit negotiable and flexible. This will help you get sponsors easily and conveniently.

So, to help you out of this situation, here we have a few answers to ‘How to get a podcast sponsor?’. These solutions will surely help you find the most reliable sponsors for your podcast, for sure.

1. Sponsors that Relate to the Nature of Your Podcast

At the start, you would have to get in contact with sponsors yourself. Write them emails, contact their managers or social media marketers. If that goes well, then you can find more influential sponsorships automatically later on.

To provide better results in the start, you must contact the sponsors whose brand matches the nature of your podcast. This point is very significant when it comes to generating sales. But is usually ignored by many people.

You must advertise products related to your podcasts’ content. This will make people with similar tastes get aware of the product. It also enhances the chances of increased sales and better outcomes.

2. Target Individuals or Small-Scale Businesses

People try reaching out to famous big businesses in the beginning. That is not the right way to do so because you must start with a lower level in order to achieve a higher one. If you really want to know, ‘How to get your podcast sponsored?’, you must start from scratch.

Individual sponsors are a great option to start monetizing your podcast. You can both agree to terms that are profitable for both and make money. Similarly, small-scale businesses are always looking for well-working podcasts. If you try reaching out to them, you can easily get sponsors for your podcast.

3. Reach Out to Clients Properly

Whether you are contacting a business or just an individual, the way you contact them is of great significance. You must prepare a proper presentation adequately to attract clients. Quality of conversation matters a lot.

Therefore, every time you get in contact with a possible future sponsor, you must do it properly. With quality emails and well-expressed goals, you can raise the chances of getting sponsors to a great extent.

4. Don’t Forget About Follow-Ups

Sponsors for podcasts don’t come very handy. There might be times when you send emails or contact sponsors and don’t get any response. But that’s where the actual game and struggle begin.

At this point, you must offer reasonable market rates and send follow-up emails. Make sure not to cling or stick firmly to the clients up to a point where they get irritated. But just send follow-up emails in order to get the attention of the sponsors. And to let them know that you are available whenever they need a good reliable podcast to sponsor their brand.

5. Podcasting Networks Can Get You the Best Sponsors

Podcasting networks are the places where other podcasters, sponsors, advertisers, and usual content creators come all together. Joining such networks and affiliate marketplaces can give you more exposure.

In this way, many advertisers can come across your content. Some of them may contact you automatically to advertise their products. The more your podcast gets exposed to people and sponsors, the more there will be chances of getting trustworthy sponsorships for your podcast.


These mentioned techniques are one of the most reliable and fruitful ones. If you want to know how to get podcast sponsors, you must go through them thoroughly.